The Wonderful world of Benbrick

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(the discovery of Benrick)

It’s quite amazing when you discover unknown new talent right before developing stages. Last night we were blessed to be contacted by Songwriter/producer Paul Carter who goes by the name ‘BENBRICK‘ boys and girls remember this name, as it won’t be long until he starts dominating social media sites, as slowly we start seeing some of our favourite blog say some nice things about BENBRICK.

BENBRICK is the other side of the spectrum, soft sounds, pleasant sounds crossing your ears, it’s something created perfectly, this will relax you, the classic touch of the Grand piano featuring to give it a dynamic feel isn’t where it ends, his Powerful vocals are soothing it’s something we haven’t heard in some time with any song writer.

BENBRICK is as talented as they come. (check below ) absolutely amazing.

BENBRICK is the complete artist for his specific audience. We have not left his soundcloud since our discovery (yesterday) so it’s time to share it to the world.

Listen enjoy, and please share the wonderful world of BENBRICK – Enjoy!

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