TUFFEM UP! Records

TUFFEM UP Records! was launched in 2009 and is of sorts another part of the Trashbags brand that has been operating in Sydney in the electronic music scene for the past 4 years.

It all started from 2 guys throwing some parties on and off around various clubs in Sydney. Since TUFFEM UP’s Launch last year it has grown exponentially taking on board very well established DJ’s and Producers like Barretso, Antention and Redial to name a few.

TUFFEM UP Records was just another part of the growing Trashbags cult in Australia, which to this date has attracted quite a persistent and very loyal following. Not only in Australia we might add, with very high interest from bloggers and electronic followers from England, France, Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, USA, Chile and South Africa.



Tom Deluxx - Kings Cross EP TUFF#024

Jackin with the Drums - Enormous EP TUFF#023


Taganga REMIXXXX EP - TUFF#021

Picnic Kibun - Taganga EP - TUFF#020

Saint Pauli - Breakin' EP - TUFF#019

Smacktown - $laves EP - TUFF#018

We Chew Bubble Gum EP - #TUFF017

F.O.O.L - Vision EP - TUFF#016

Dem Slackers - Schlingel EP - TUFF#015

Cherry Coke - More Coke EP - TUFF#014

LSDA - Nuclear Milk EP - TUFF#013

Lusha Vs Ze! - STFU EP TUFF #12

Kolt13 - Love at the Speed of Light EP TUFF#11

Barretso - Celeste EP TUFF#10

Dj Antention - Weapons of War EP TUFF#9

The S - Death & Rainbows EP TUFF#8

Dj Antention - Ivan EP TUFF#7

Redial - Venom EP TUFF#6

Nadisko - Nebula EP TUFF#5

Dj Antention - Rapid Fire EP TUFF #4

Redial - The Boss EP TUFF#3

Defeat - Bndts EP TUFF#2

Barretso - Bright City Lights EP TUFF#1


TUFFEM UP is the turning point in Australia’s very minimal music market, and has grabbed like red wine and carpet, TUFFEM UP is the future of Sydney’s Underground.