VEGAMOORE Loves Trashbags 2011 // Exclusive Mix

Pink Floyd-Is There Anybody Out There?
2.Life Express-Wistful Idiot(Vegamoore Remix)
3.You Killing Me-Reinassance(Vegamoore Remix)
4.Refused-New Noise(The Bloody Beetroots Remix)
5.Metallica-Seek and Destroy(Bassnectar Remix)
6.Designer Drugs Feat.Justin Pearson-Dead Meat(Gtronic Remix)
7.Steve Aoki and Travis Barker-Misfits
8.The Death Set-They Come To Get Us(Designer Drugs Remix)
9.Trash Yourself-Forget it
10.Sunshine-Third World Briefcase” feat.Justin Pearson (Leg Lifters remix)
11.Modeselektor Feat.Otto Von Schirach-Hyper Hyper
12.Eternal September vs. Pelussje – Coresplash (BeefTheatre RMX)
13.All Leather-Staring Down The Minister Snout(Vegamoore_Remix)
14.All Leather-When I Grow Up I Wanna Fuck Like A Bitch(Vegamoore_Remix)
15.Vegamoore Feat.Justin Pearson-Keep On Fucking(Coming Soon on Dim Mak Records)


What’s the meaning behind the name Vegamoore?
We was jamming with our drum machines in a party and someone asks our names,we answered Vincent Vega and Thomas Moore, he takes the microphone and said :Guys these are Vegamoore!! The name sounds good and we decide to take it.

Tell us a bit about yourself, childhood memories?
Smoking joints behind the churh and thinking how to conquer the world

Could you tell our readers a bit about your musical roots? How and when did you know you wanted to produce electro?
we start our own musical experiences alone Vincent playing the drums in bands and Thomas the piano both for long years,we was already friends,hacking on electronics instruments in a shop we decide to buy them and start this project.

How long have you been producing for?
We started playing together from 2008 but only the last year we start to release something.really we always produced music,playing live our own created patterns on our drum machines and so if you wanted to listen us you had to saw us live!

Are there any producers at the moment you think we should be keeping our eyes on?
we think that: Everyone can sync two songs,so the plus value is to do something new and doing something live with the real instruments and not with the usual ableton live. we really appreciate the real musicians.Ergot Method and Synthbros are two italian emergent artists that we like so much.

Your top three favourite bangers at moment, what are they?
Retox int he Punk Hardcore scene,Atari Teenage Riot for the violence and the electronics inside,Gtronic for his own basses.

In 10 words or less how would you describe yourself?
Punx inside!

Oh shit! Your Studio is on fire! You only have time to save one piece of gear! What is it?
We are two so we can save our both drum machines!

Would you say any other artists have had a strong influence on your work?
The best musicians ever will remain the Pink Floyd for the psychedelics and the sounds,we really tacked inspirations from them,The Locust for thieir speed and originality.In the electronics we like so much Etienne De Crecy,But the true revelation for us was to met Justin Pearson, a real and true artist,he really love the music like us and he’s a wonderful person,he’s the singer of the Locust,Retox and we becamed good friends.Then starts the collaborations ,first like remixing 2 tracks of All Leather(you can find for free on , and now with his lyrics on our own original track coming soon on Dim Mak records

How did you hear about Tuff Em Up Records, and Trashbags!
By our friend Romie of Pun Intended who taked us in his project.

Tell us about your childhood crushes and your worldwide fame; have you managed to swing any of those girls in primary school who never spoke to you?
Fuck we cannot answer to these question cause we are italians and we don’t know what you mean!aha!

If you had to duel it out in the 1400’s what would be your weapon of choice?
Vincent: Sword!
Thomas: Peace and Love!

If the world really ends in 2012, what do you think you will be known for, and if you somehow managed to survive, how do you think the rest of your life would play out?
The world will not ends in 2012,so we will continue with Vegamoore,if the world ends there will be no electricity so we will found some other ways to make music like hurt rocks and woods!

How many producers does it take to change a light bulb and why?
all cause in the dark all is possible

What has been your most memorable show you have played, and why?
Every shows is memorable , because we play our music and we do what we like to do.
But we remember this 2 shows as well :with the Bloody Beetroots was full of people and one girl had some trouble with a knife,this impressed us so much.Other one we love to remember was in Ferrara ,we were special guest and the club was sold out early than midnight with a long queue outside.Amazing!

When will we be seeing you in Australia?
when you will call us we have just the baggage done!

Thanks Vegamoore, we send our Love from Australia, Trashbags.
Thanks to you,and your work!We love you all and hope to make you dance soon!