Freak Slaughter

Freak Slaughter Loves Trashbags 2011 // Exclusive Mix
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  • 1.Freak Slaughter – Memento Mori (Original Mix) soon ount in MMAN Records.
    2.Barretso – Chase ( Freak Slaughter Remix)
    3.Freak Slaughter – Fury ! (Original Mix) soon out in MMAN Records.
    4.F.O.O.L – Fortune (Original Mix)
    5.Hope 4 Dope – Ouverture ( Freak Slaughter Remix)
    6.Drivepilot – Regrets (Original Mix)
    7.StereoHeroes – Wild Child (Dub Version)
    8.Produkkt – Ciampino Airforce ( Cyberpunkers Remix)
    9.Dead CAT Bounce & You Killing Me – Justice!
    10.Freak Slaughter – Guillotine (Tom Encore Remix)
    11.The Damn Bell Doors – Calcutta (Pelussje Remix)

‘The Freak Slaughter Massacre’

What’s the meaning behind the name Freak Slaughter?
To be honest it was strange situation. I was sitting with my friends (everybody was a bit drunk) and I need to have new name as a Electro producer. Someone told that mu music is freaky, so the first world was ‘ Freak’, later someone else told that my music is like slaughter, so I chose ‘Slaughter’ haha.

Tell us a bit about yourself? What do you do when you’re not producing?

My name is Michel, I live in Warsaw (Poland), I’m 18 years old and I’ve just finished highschool.

Apart of production I play cello, listen to music, mess around, listen to music, play cello, go for  parties, and sleep sometimes.

Could you tell our readers a bit about your musical roots? How and when did you know you wanted to produce electro?
My adventure with music started many years ago.  As a child I was recreating well known melodies on my sister’s keyboard. Few years later I suggested my parents that I want to attend musician school and become professional musician. I started studying playing cello and I fallen in love with this instrument. After years spent in musician school I didn’t know what to do with my education, so I decided to learn music production.  At first I tried to recreate some  tracks I currently was listening, then tried to produce House and Electro House.  With weeks of producing this kind of music I got bored and was looking for new music style.  My friend was sending me a lot of Fidget House stuff but it wasn’t the kind of music music I wanted to produce, however one day he sent me  The Bloody Beetroots – ‘ Cornelius’ and totally amused and inspired I decided to develop my music skills in Electro !

How long have you been producing for?
The first experiments with music production was at the beginning of 2010, but I started to produce seriously since the beginning of the year 2011.

Are there any producers at the moment you think we should be keeping our eyes on?

Yes definitely.  I think Hope4Dope are noticeable. I made remix for their the first official “Ouverture” EP because I think they have skills and may be top producers in the future. You must check their tracks out.  Also Dead CAT Bounce productions are worthy of following !

Your top three favourite bangers at moment, what are they?

1. StereoHeroes – Wild Child (Dub Version)
2. Drivepilot – Regrets (Original Mix)
3.Freak Slaughter – Memento Mori (Original Mix)

In 10 words or less how would you describe yourself?

Calm during day, slaughterer at night !

Oh shit! Your Studio is on fire! You only have time to save one piece of gear! What is it?

My laptop because I have a lot of projects on it. You can buy gear, but lost projects won’t come back.

Would you say any other artists have had a strong influence on your work?

At first the biggest influence in my productions had Trashing Teenagers, Drivepilot, Haezer, F.O.O.L .
Right now I’m getting a bit influenced by music of 60’s – 80’s because I’m trying to gain something different in Electro. When I finnish for sure I will upload some previews on my soundcloud profile, so keep following me !

How did you hear about Tuff Em Up Records, and Trashbags!

My friend Kenny (PANDAmic) showed me that he is a part of a Trashbags Collective.

Tell us about your childhood crushes and your worldwide fame; have you managed to swing any of those girls in primary school who never spoke to you?

I’m too famous to think about such things K  hahaha ! To be honest every girl was speaking with me in primary school :> 

If you had to duel it out in the 1400’s what would be your weapon of choice?

For sure it would be cello! Haha

If the world really ends in 2012, what do you think you will be known for, and if you somehow managed to survive, how do you think the rest of your life would play out?

I think by my strange name ! I’m too sociable to live alone so I think I will kill myself if I would survive hahaha.

How many producers does it take to change a light bulb and why?

Too many, and don’t know why.

What has been your most memorable show you have played, and why?

Haha the most memorable performance was in Munich in club Suite15. I was playing the dirtiest shit like Haezer, The Mastertrons, Gtronic etc. and suddenly  pretty girl approached and asked me to set Paul Kalkbrenner… Facepalm !

When will we be seeing you in Australia?

I don’t know. Till today I haven’t been even thining about any performances in Australia, but I think I was wrong . Hope people in Australia would love to listen my live set, if yes, I will catch the first plane taking off straight there !

Thanks Freak Slaughter, we send our Love from Australia, Trashbags.

Thank you so much, cheers from Poland, Michel !