It’s aliveeee – TBK returns

After a long hiatus from the blogging community, TBK returns, reaching deep from our endless bag of goodies, we dig deep to find rare gems in this period of time that requires it the most. – Popular blogs filled up with Pop, mainstream sounding and the awful terminology “EDM”

Ataractic making waves

We are currently enjoying this pair residing in Sydney, they call themselves ATARACTIC. These guys are producing really cool chilled melodic tunes which couldn’t be at a better time heading into summer.

City Of Gold – TUFF #2 Techno EP

TUFFEM UP! Records latest release is featuring “Count Clockwork’s ” City of Gold EP. (buy here) – This Single which features 2 remixes is Tuff’s 2nd Techno EP for this independent label. Having being supported by the likes of Sir Bob Rifo, Jacques Lu Cont, Bart B More, The crookers and many more, This EP proves to have the depth & complexity it requires to impress!

Yahtzel – discovery No.1

Well well well… Sydney is coming out Millhouse lately, especially after Audiopaxx agency who are forming such a credible roster with their recent signing of LDRU, Sydney’s new rising talent. Now they have snapped up next ambient/chill young artist called ‘Yahtzel’

GodWolf – Melbourne inbound

Today we feature GodWolf, a group based in Melbourne the fashion city of Australia, home to Cut Copy & Midnight Juggernauts, well you get our drift lots of incredible talent pop up from Melbourne. GodWolf, we consider to be a rising talent doing some amazing music ‘ Pop Electronic’ with indie influences. These guys don’t stop there, their new single that has just dropped is not only an incredible tune, their artistic direction on creating the video clip is quite innovating with extremely great subtle effects. See below (GodWolf – Alone, Video clip) They not only becoming popular along …read more

Filth Collins heads to the States

Since the rise of the Dub scene, there has been a number of australian producers that have made some waves across the world, but there’s one in particular that is making some incredible noise across the world and his name is Filth Collins.

Filth Collins Exclusive Mix

Bulletproof Daft Punk

You have probably heard it already… Daft Punk’s ‘Random Access Memories’ has been leaked. The unfortunate part is that for all those 4000+ ticket holders that are heading to Wee Waa this following weekend to hear the exclusive stream of the album can only hope and pray to their Gods that ‘Daft Punk’ make an appearance, which in reality… isn’t going to happen.

Daft Punk – Within (removed, by request)

MVTH Harder music with a twist.

We stumbled across MVTH about a week ago, and we are enjoying what these duo are currently creating. Yes it’s electro however with some neat chord progression and drops that do stand out from the usual typical electro vibe.

Niadoka – 8bit awesomeness

The magical world of ‘Soundcloud’ is like a never ending rabbit hole, the longer you spend on it, the gems are hidden in the depts of the rubbish that surface soundcloud. – We discovered our gem “NIADOKA”


Are we excited today, as such disappointment of so many Daft Punk April fool’s gag, POWER GLOVE released a 3 track EP (in progress) and yes… we also thought it was a gag until the PLAY button was hit and then the journey started. . .

L D R U – Some inspiring talent

If there is a tune we have had looping around our head it would be the one we are about to share with you. Very chilled, ambient and some great trap elements –  L D R U (take care when searching for him, use the spacebar for spaces) is undeniably a talented young emerging artist, and the beauty of this well crafted musician is he is one of our own, residing in Australia – Sydney.  ; A discovery by Audiopaxx agency early, they secured this young talent at the very beginning of his developing career. ‘You Got to Realise’ …read more

Gmorozov landing on Bad Life Records

Russian front soloist ‘Gosha Morozov’ better known as GMOROZOV is about to drop his next EP on BADLIFE. Luckily enough we were able to receive Pre-promo release of the entire EP and what we can establish after listening is that – BURE EP is an absolute weapon of an EP; with 2x originals 1x synth acapella re-work & 1x remix by Marseille, this EP does not disappoint.

Incredible Kavinsky & Boys Noize

Just when the anticipation of Kavinsky’s upcoming album couldn’t have gotten any better… you hear Boys Noize does a remix of Protovision.

Listen hear to the impressive remix of Boys Noize of an amazing tune by Kavinsky.


It’s been awhile since we have found something worth while blogging as music has taken a nose dive down.. and very far down extending to the bottomless pit, it just keeps falling.

But then you have the Russians… perhaps the only authenticity to music in their roots. The PROXY since discovered in 07, has not disappointed.

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