Barretso Remix Competition, 4 Judges

Posted By: Diego TUFF

So after almost 2 months of lead up time for New and experienced producers, we have now closed all entries to Barretso’s  – Chase Remix, and from what we are gathering at the moment, this will be one hard decision. With remixes capturing our attention from the the first listen, this isn’t going to be easy.
Barretso – Chase \\ ‘CELESTE’ EP TEASER. by BARRETSO

We all know how competitive remix competitions have been previously on Trashbags website, this will not be any different with well over 60 remixes in our inbox, it is time to shortlist, so we can pick the winner. This competition has been organised abit different, with a shortlist of remixes, followed by set criteria cards each remix needs to fill with a point score of 10,.. and it doesn’t end there, to make this completely fair, we are not using a voting system through the site, as tampering can happen (experienced previously) – but we have 4 judges, and they are. (myself, T.E.U Records) Diego Trash, Gtronic, Autodidakt (Mahtrasher Label Boss) & Frankie Barretso . The Criteria cards will not be read until all shortlisted remixes have been heard and submitted. We then Tally it all up, and the remix who scores the highest will win the remix competition.

Criteria to meet

1 – Structure of remix (10 points)

2 – Originality of remix (10 points)

3 – Instruments/sounds being used (10 points)

If in any reason there is a tie. we will add a 5th Judge to also fill ‘criteria cards’ (only with the Tie parties)

The winner will win, WESC headphones, a release on TUFFEM UP! records with full support from Trashbags, and join the TUFFEM UP! crew along side Redial, Dj Antention, Barretso, Kolt13, Defeat & Nadisko.

There can only be 1 winner. Any questions to be submitted here below, oh and good luck!.

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sounds promising ! good luck to all.

Comment by Retro Mecanic

This is the most professional remix contest i have ever been a part of. Thanks again for the oppurtunity.

Comment by Pantha!

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