Smacktown to join 8 years of T...

Say hello to our friends Chico & Nery better known as Smackown joining us for 8 years of Trashbags.

100 available on the ’8 ...

Thanks to Club 77 our official sponsors of the 2015 TUFFEM UP! summer series shirt

Jack Beats coming To Australia...

Jack Beats is coming to Australia for 2013. Shows being announced shortly, it’s time to get excited.

6 days for EPICNESS

The finale of the series of Courtyard parties is almost here. As we prepare for our next series of late 2013/2014



It’s aliveeee – TBK returns

After a long hiatus from the blogging community, TBK returns, reaching deep from our endless bag of goodies, we dig deep to find rare gems in this period of time that requires it the most. – Popular blogs filled up with Pop, mainstream sounding and the awful terminology “EDM”

Ataractic making waves

We are currently enjoying this pair residing in Sydney, they call themselves ATARACTIC. These guys are producing really cool chilled melodic tunes which couldn’t be at a better time heading into summer.

City Of Gold – TUFF #2 Techno EP

TUFFEM UP! Records latest release is featuring “Count Clockwork’s ” City of Gold EP. (buy here) – This Single which features 2 remixes is Tuff’s 2nd Techno EP for this independent label. Having being supported by the likes of Sir Bob Rifo, Jacques Lu Cont, Bart B More, The crookers and many more, This EP proves to have the depth & complexity it requires to impress!

Parties & Tours

LOVE CLUB BBQ – Saturday 22nd Nov

Ft Love club deejays + secret guests.
2pm until Midnight, Sydney Park St Peters
Saturday November 22nd.

8 years of Trashbags

Put on those dancin shoes, and meet us at the Legendary club called “77″ as Le Ol’ Posse Crew takes on the Terror squad.

Courtyard Party Easter Sunday @ Ivy Sun 31st March 2013

‘Coutryard Party’ is returning! Following the success of the previous two joint venture parties at the ivy on Boxing Day 2012 and January 27 2013, Fake, Swerve and Trashbags are back together by popular demand

Trashbags Presents THE PROXY – LIVE! Sat 2nd Feb 2013

This Saturday THE PROXY (Russia) @ Trashbags, Havana (Oxford St)

Having Supported The Proxy from the very beginning – Our Russian General returns home where it all started. TRASHBAGS

Australia Day Party – Courtyard, Ivy – Sun 27th Jan 2013

The mouth watering line up for the special long weekend edition of Courtyard Party on Sunday the 27th January @ Ivy is HUGE !!
After a mammoth boxing day party Swerve Productions FAKE & Trashbags bring you 6 massive headliners in the Area 51 Arena:

2013 – skull juice launches at phoenix – Sat 12 Jan

Skull Juice is a series of Skull based art themed events for those who are aware and worthy ! We Have targeted and filtered through all that is the world of events and parties to get only the best parts and best people to create the perfect formula of NO music policy ONLY the good stuff ! , NO rules , NOoutsiders !